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Silex Technology America, Inc. (STA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Silex Technology Inc. (STI), a $40M dollar, 35-year developer and OEM manufacturer of leading-edge network enabling technology appliances for print and wireless connectivity.  STI was recently acquired by the Muratec family of companies in Japan.  Muratec is a $2B, private company well known for their driven commitment to innovation and development of products that change the lives of people at home and in the work place. 
Silex Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of OEM hardware, software, embedded modules and turnkey connectivity products that make our clients products better. STI has regional offices for sales, marketing and development in Japan, United States and Germany.  Silex Technology is integrated vertically to support customers from design to production, maintaining the highest quality standards.

Silex Technology America, Inc. is focused on growth opportunities in expanding the OEM markets for embedded wireless products for the medical and peripheral markets and the external box to embedded opportunities for our connectivity products.  The company’s vision is to become the integral company that businesses look to and rely on for putting their devices and products on the network.

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Origin of Company Name
"Silex" is a Latin word meaning "flint" and is the etymology of "silicon." Silex strives to create new technologies and impresive new products that improve lives. Our wish is to become a "flint" company, igniting the way to the future.