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Silex Technology Announces Industry's Most Powerful Wired/Wireless Video Distribution System

New MVDS Connects More Than 1000 Digital Signs Using Existing Network Infrastructure

CHICAGO (Digital Signage Expo, Booth #633) – May 16, 2007SILEX TECHNOLOGY today announced Multicast Video Distribution System (MVDS), a powerful wired and wireless video distribution system designed to connect more than one thousand digital signs. Silex will demonstrate this innovative product at the 2007 Digital Signage Expo in Chicago, May 16-17. 

Designed for OEMs and system integrators, MVDS provides a highly flexible solution for handling digital signage applications in almost any kind of environment. Its unique digital multicast technology and highly efficient compression algorithm allows it to support large numbers of displays at long distances with no image degradation. The major advantage of this technology is the flexibility to connect digital signs using industry standard Ethernet cabling and hardware, or via 802.11a wireless networking. As a result, users can utilize their existing network infrastructure and inexpensive Ethernet devices rather than the expensive analog splitters and repeaters used by competing products. 

MVDS can be used in virtually any digital signage application, including airport arrival/departure displays, trade shows, retail advertising, public announcements, entertainment, classroom instruction, courtrooms, and much more. Its wireless capabilities allow it to address many additional applications, such as mobile classrooms, emergency information displays, and kiosks. 

Delphi Display Systems, the leading provider of sunlight readable display technology for Outdoor Digital Signage applications including QSR Drive-Thru and C-Store Fuel Dispenser Top and Forecourt Displays, will be using MVDS in their C-Store display products to wirelessly connect to a content server located inside the gas station. These displays will provide informational messages and advertising to consumers as they refuel their vehicles. 

“There are over 120,000 retail gas stations in the United States, with an average of five pumps per station, said Mark Reynolds, Delphi’s vice president of Digital Signage. “To date only a fraction of these stations have Fuel Dispenser Top displays installed, so we believe that the potential market is enormous. Wireless connectivity is essential in the C-Store fuel center environment because it can be impractical to run cables to each display. We are very pleased to partner with Silex as the only vendor who could meet our requirements for high resolution wireless connectivity with support for up to 32 displays.” 

Hubbert Smith, president of Silex Technology America, said, “MVDS represents a new direction for Silex, and it is the result of a major investment in R&D.  It complements our existing networking product line by adding video and audio connectivity. We believe that our unique digital multicast technology, along with our wireless capabilities will establish us as a leader in the video distribution system market.”

For maximum OEM configuration flexibility, the MVDS transmitters and receivers are available in either standalone metal enclosures or as board-level products.  The list price is $1,295 for the transmitter and $995 for the receiver in enclosures; $995 and $775 for the transmitter and receiver board-level products. First customer shipments are expected in September 2007.

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