Press Release

Silex Introduces Real-Time Content Selection for Digital Signage Applications

Company’s MVDS Enables Switching Between Multiple Video Sources

TUSTIN, CA – February 27, 2008 – Silex Technology today announced real-time content selection capability for its MVDS video distribution system. This capability allows an MVDS user to immediately switch the content that is displayed on a digital sign without the need for expensive switching hardware.  For example, the user could interrupt a movie that is being shown on a digital sign in order to provide a public service announcement.MVDS real-time source selection supports multiple video sources that are connected using either 802.11 wireless or Ethernet hardwired networking technology.  Each digital sign can display the content from any of these sources, and the user can quickly change the content on a given digital sign using a software switch.  MVDS, which was introduced at last year’s Digital Signage Expo tradeshow, uses a unique digital multicast technology to support up to 1,000 wired displays and/or 32 wireless displays.

 “The ability to switch video sources on the fly without external hardware differentiates our MVDS from any other video distribution system,” said Keith Sugawara, General Manager of Silex Technology America. “It is a major advantage to our customers because it allows them to make ad hoc changes to the content displayed on their digital signs.  This capability further establishes Silex as the technology leader in the video distribution system market.”

The MVDS with real-time content switching will be displayed at the booth 177 at the Digital Signage Expo show on February 27-28 in Las Vegas.


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