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Silex Technology Announces SDK Enabling USB Device Networking

Silex now offers device manufacturers world class leading technology to easily connect and share USB devices on a wired or wireless network

USB over IP SDKTUSTIN, Calif. – November 25, 2008 – Silex Technology America, Inc., a leader in the device connectivity industry, today announced a suite of Software Developer Kits to allow device manufacturers to add the functionality to their product which allows for easily connecting and sharing virtually any USB device including multifunction printers, storage, iPods, MP3 players and more on a home or office network.

The SDK allows any type of USB device to connect with full compatibility. It is based on proven and mature technology as demonstrated in Silex products for almost 4 years. Since the USB products work across the network the same way as when connected directly via USB, the device manufacturer will be able to offer their customers a very easy to use solution, with very low support costs.

The SX Virtual USB SDK for Linux allows manufacturers to easily implement Silex “Virtual Link” functionality, which enables USB devices to communicate and be shared seamlessly on a network using USB over IP technology, into virtually any embedded network device which has a USB Host port.

The SDK has a very small memory footprint and only uses about 50KB of ROM with low RAM requirements and is designed to be very efficient. It can be used with any version of Linux compiler. The SDK code included is currently optimized for Linux 2.6.x and can be implemented in as little as 1 week.

Itunes Synchronization“There are more and more homes with multiple computers and networks, making centralized access to USB devices an important application.” said Keith Sugawara, General Manager of Silex Technology America. “Silex Virtual Link technology allows device manufacturers to combine multiple functions into their network device, saving cost and offering distinct product differentiation.”

The SX Virtual Link SDK for Windows and SX Virtual Link SDK for Macintosh allow manufacturers and system integrators to easily implement Silex “Virtual Link” functionality into Windows and Macintosh applications and communicate across the network with devices connected to Silex USB Device Servers or with devices which have integrated the SX Virtual USB SDK. It allows discovery, connection, disconnection, and other features to be available in Windows and Macintosh applications.

Family of Connectivity Solutions

This software is the latest addition to the Silex family of connectivity products. Device manufacturers who do not have network connectivity hardware built in to their products can select from several choices among external and internal hardware OEM solutions. These solutions offer the same features and capabilities, while providing time to market advantage in the hardware design.

The SX Virtual USB SDK for Linux and the SX Virtual Link SDK for Windows and Macintosh are available immediately.


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