Applications- Scanners

Scanners are relatively expensive devices that are usually connected to a single PC. But in many cases, the PC user actually only uses the scanner for a limited amount of time each day. As a result, sharing the scanner among multiple users would be an ideal way to save money. The problem is that scanners are not generally designed to be shared devices. Most of today's scanners have a USB interface, which does not support multiple hosts. Therefore, until now most companies shared a scanner by connecting it to a common PC that can be accessed by multiple users. However, this is an expensive solution that is not very convenient to use.

Silex has solved the scanner sharing problem with its USB device server technology. The Silex SX-3000GB USB Device Server has a USB port for connection to the scanner plus a high-speed Gigabit Ethernet network connection. It uses the Silex SX-Virtual Link software to precisely emulate a USB port on each of the PCs that need to access the scanner. That is, the PCs think that they are communicating with the scanner via a direct USB connection, but they are actually communicating over the network via the SX-3000GB to the scanner. Because the emulation of the USB port is exact, all application software programs work without any changes, and no user re-training is required.

Check out this video of the SX-3000GB in action with a high speed Canon DR-9050 Scanner: