Silex products are used in a wide variety of applications across a number of different market segments with wired and wireless network hardware and software technology with engineering skills to enable specialized, custom solutions for customers:

Office Printer

Printer Networking

Network printing allows multiple users to share a printer, thereby saving cost by reducing the number of printers required for an organization. Although most of today’s business printers are network-capable, there is still an important need for print servers in a number of different areas. Learn More...

USB over IP Router

USB Device Networking

Silex provides technology to enable wired and wireless networking of USB devices using SX-Virtual Link (USB over IP) technology allowing you to share printers, files and storage, or virtually any other USB device. Learn More...

Medical Device Networking


Medical devices, such as EKG monitors and blood pressure monitors, have had serial interfaces for connection to a computer system for a number of years. But with the advent of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) coupled with a need to reduce costs and improve patient monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, there is an increasing need to connect these devices to networks with security. Learn More...

Video Distribution System

Audio/Visual Connectivity

The latest generation of video distribution systems, such as the Silex MVDS, uses digital multicast technology to overcome the limitations of analog and media player systems. Digital multicast technology has some significant advantages vs. analog, because the image quality does not degrade with distance. It also allows users to take advantage of their existing Ethernet infrastructure and to use inexpensive Ethernet switches and hubs (note that although some analog VDS systems use Category 5 twisted pair cabling, they are not Ethernet compatible). Learn More...