Applications- USB Device Networking

Silex provides solutions for connecting all types of USB devices to wired or wireless networks.

Check out this video product review from IGM showcasing one of our USB Device Connectivity solutions:

Sharing USB Devices

USB over IP Router HomeUSB devices typically only remain available to a single user. Users want to do more with their network and Silex provides technology to enable wired and wireless networking of USB devices (USB over IP) allowing you to:

  • Share printers, scanners and MFPs
  • Share files and storage
  • Share other devices
  • User’s don’t want to buy accessories for every computer in the house

Connect Wirelessly

There is a growing trend of consumers wanting to access and share their devices wirelessly. Laptops are being used more and more for Small Office and Home use and there are multiple computers used in alot of homes. Laptop users do not want to connect all of their USB peripherals every time they want to use them.

USB over IP

Silex has created Software for Windows or Macintosh computers called SX-Virtual Link which precisely emulates a USB port on each of the computers that want to access the USB device over the network. The computers think that they are communicating with the device via a direct USB connection, but they are actually communicating over the network with a Silex USB Device Server product, or a device such as a wireless router enabled with the Silex SX-Virtual USB embedded SDK

USB over IP SX-Virtual Link

Because of the precise Operating System emulation of the USB port, all application software works without any changes, and it is compatible with virtually any USB device.

USB over IP emulation

USB Network Attached Storage Connectivity

Silex has developed a Software Developer Kit to allow Wireless LAN Router manufacturers the ability to connect USB storage devices to routers easily adding terabytes of storage to network users. The SDK compliments our SX-Virtual USB SDK. Users will be able to share USB hard drives among multiple users simultaneously.

Silex specializes in optimization for embedded devices, has very low memory requirements, and is designed to be very efficient. Silex also has software technology for backing up files from computers to the networked storage drive, software for easily mounting a network drive to your computer.


DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a standard used by manufacturers of consumer electronics to allow entertainment devices within the home to share their content with each other across a home network without a complicated configuration process. Silex has solutions allowing USB Disk Drives to share media with client DLNA/UPnP devices and communication with Internet services and online Internet applications.