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December 20, 2016

Latest Virtual Link Software for MAC OS, 802.11ac SDIO Wi-Fi plus BT Module, Silex Enhanced Software

Learn about Silex MAC OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra Compatibility Update, Latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth SDIO module and CES 2016 show schedule.

Silex MAC OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra Compatibility Update

Our efforts in collaborating with Apple have resolved the USB compatibility issues introduced with MAC OS X (El Capitan). We've successfully tested our beta version of the driver with the latest macOS Sierra OS release and it is available for download now. Our official fully tested and validated driver will be available on our website for download by the end of next week.

The SX Virtual Link software is compatible with Silex USB device servers and consumer routers that incorporate Silex USB over IP technology for USB connectivity. This update applies only to macOS Sierra onwards. Apple has only made the compatibility changes for Sierra at this time, therefore the USB issues still exist on El Capitan.

Download Beta Software


Silex’s 5th Generation 802.11ac SDIO Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth Module


Our latest SX-SDMAC is the industry's first Wave 2 MU-MIMO IEEE 802.11ac SDIO Wi-Fi module in full production. The SX-SDMAC delivers enterprise-grade, dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity with link rates as high as 433Mbps, while maintaining footprint compatibility with previous generation Silex SDIO modules. The radio is available in five flavors including SiP, Surface Mount with chip antenna or external u.fl antenna port, Connectorized, and Plug-in SDIO Card.

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Transforming Qualcomm Atheros Reference Drivers into Reliable Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions

Silex_WP4_LPimage_shadow3.jpgBecause silicon provider’s reference drivers are typically designed for non-critical consumer applications, it is our job at Silex Technology to enhance these reference drivers into software for our customer’s When It Absolutely Must Connect applications. This white paper explores the ways we test, fix, and enhance Qualcomm Atheros reference drivers to create the most reliable enterprise Wi-Fi software available today.  

Download White Paper

Silex Technology at CES 2017

Silex CES2017.jpg

Silex Technology will be at CES Show in Las Vegas this January 5 – 8. We invite our partners and customers to come and meet the Silex executive team in the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) Meeting rooms at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall Connector Room S220. This is your chance to with our team and discuss questions and get first hand knowledge about our upcoming product launches and technology roadmap. To setup your meeting contact us by sending an email to sales@silexamerica.com

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