Industry White Papers

Wi-FI in Healthcare: Security Solutions for Hospital Wi-Fi Networks (2012); Wi-Fi Alliance

This white paper provides the hospital IT professional more specific recommendations for using WPA2™-Enterprise security and 802.1x authentication protocols to protect a Wi-Fi network from unauthorized access, such as compromised passwords, data exposure, "man-in-the-middle" threats.

Wi-Fi in Healthcare: The solution for growing hospital communication needs (2011); Wi-Fi Alliance

This white paper is intended to identify technology areas that should be given special consideration in developing and maintaining Wi-Fi networks in hospital settings in order to maximize their performance and benefits.

Medical Grade, Mission-Critical Wireless Networks (2008); Steven D. Baker and David H. Hoglund

Designing an enterprise mobility solution in the healthcare environment.

Radio-Frequency Wireless Technology in Medical Devices (2007); Food and Drug Administration

FDA has developed this draft guidance document to assist industry, systems and service providers, consultants, FDA staff and others in the design, development and evaluation of radio frequency (RF) wireless technology in medical devices.

802.11ag The "Clear" Choice (2004); Qualcomm Atheros

This white paper outlines 802.11g limitations that will soon hurt WLAN credibility and shows how a dual-band 802.11ag strategy overcomes those limitations in a cost-effective way.