Evaluate our Ultra-Low-Power Wi-Fi Module with your NXP Kinetis Microcontroller

The SX-ULPAN-EVK is an evaluation kit designed to evaluate our ultra-low-power Wi-Fi module based on Qualcomm's QCA4004 chipset in conjunction with the NXP Kinetis MCU's.

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Top Features:

  • Evaluation Kit for the SX-ULPAN Wi-Fi Module (based on QCA4004 radio)
  • Designed for the NXP Tower Development Platform and Microcontrollers
  • Silex's Own Optimized Radio Driver and Support
  • NXP MQX OS Support
  • Demo Applications

The SX-ULPAN-EVK is an evaluation kit to evaluate the Qualcomm Atheros 4004 chipset in conjunction with the NXP Kinetis MCU's. It is specifically designed for the NXP Tower development platforms based on the Kinetis K21 and K22 MCU's. The SX-ULPAN-EVK tower module features a fully certified Wi-Fi module with the Silex SX-ULPAN on-board.

The SX-ULPAN-EVK ships with the application program installed, to provide an evaluatation of  wireless functions including:

  • Basic Wireless Connectivity
  • AP Scan, WEP/WPA Configuration
  • Basic TCP/IP Function with HTTP, DNS and SNTP
  • Soft Access Point (AP), WPA client
  • Wireless Configuration (DTIM, Bitrate etc.)

Software Features:

  • Modes: Supports Client and Access Point Modes
  • Authentication Methods: Open System & WPA-PSK (WPA2-PSK)
  • Encryption Method: None, WEP, TKIP, and AES
  • WPS: Supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
  • Supports Roaming, Wi-Fi Direct and Smart Antenna Slection
  • IPv4, TCP and UDP Protocols Supported on Chip: Helps offload the host microcontroller. Functions supported are ARP, iPv4, UDP, TCP socket support, DHCPv4, Neighbor Discovery, Broadcast, MTU discovery, Address Auto config, TCP zero copy

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SX-ULPAN-EVK (specifications)

Product Name:

  • SX-ULPAN-2401-EVK: For SX-ULPAN-2401 based on QCA4004-BL3B. (SPI)
  • SX-ULPAN-2402-EVK: For SX-ULPAN-2402 based on QCA4004-BL3B. (UART)

Power Supply:

  • 5V_Tower Edge: 4.4Vï½5.25V
  • 3.3V_Tower Edge: 3.14Vï½3.46V
  • USB CN: 4.4Vï½5.25V

External Interface: Serial I/F (RS232C Level)

Display LED's:

  • Red: Powered Off
  • Orange: Power supplied but SX-ULPAN powered off
  • Green: SX-ULPAN powered on

PCB Dimensions: 90mm x71mm (Fit to TWR System)


  • Silex SX-ULPAN-EVK
  • EVK Quick Start Guide Insert

You will need the following tools that are not included in the EVK in order to evaluate the product:

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Unless otherwise noted, the documentation is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

SPI Interface
UART Interface

 Hardware Specification

SX-ULPAN-EVK_Hardware Specification_137-20131-200C.pdf

 Functional Specification

SX-ULPAN-EVK Functional-Specification-137-20131-210B.pdf

  Quick Start Guide 

 SX-ULPAN-2401-EVK-Startup-Guide_140-20131-  300A.pdf  

 SX-ULPAN-2402-EVK-Startup-Guide_140-20131-  140A.pdf 

 Command  Specification Guide

  SPI Command & API Specification

UART Command Specification

 Evaluation Software

  SPI Application Binary File for NXP's Kinetis K22 

Not Required for UART Model.

Use AT Commands

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