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Software Application Description
ExtendView Windows Graphical List of network devices used for configuration of Silex Device Servers
Serial Port Emulator Windows COM port over TCP/IP emulation software with Silex Serial Device Servers.


Download the UpdateIP utility software if you are updating the existing firmware in your product. The utility file is in .zip format.

  • Another method is to use the TFTP command from the Command Line prompt (ie: Start>Run> then type "cmd")
  • You can upgrade the device without resetting any of the previous setting changes. Just make sure that the workstation can ping the IP address of the the print server. From there, just access the workstation’s Command (or DOS) prompt and enter this command:
  • (if the firmware file was saved in the C:\temp directory)
    C:\Temp>tftp –i [IP address of device] put [firmware file] access
    Example: C:\Temp>tftp –i put wpss399.bin access
Software Application Description
UpdateIP Use the Update IP utility to verify your product's firmware version and upgrade to the latest version

Firmware File for SX-550-1701 (Conexant Radio)

Version Date Contents
1.28 4/28/2009 Latest firmware for SX-550-1701 (Conexant Radio)

Firmware File for SX-550-2701 (Atheros Radio)

Version Date Contents
2.04 3/18/2011 Latest firmware for SX-550-2701 (Atheros Radio) with release notes.

Click on the contents file below to download the latest documentation for your product.

Unless otherwise noted, the documentation is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Contents Date Description
Developer's Reference and User Manual   SX-550 Developer's Reference and User Manual