Qualcomm Atheros (QCA) Authorized Design Center (ADC) Training

By | July 9, 2014

I had a very productive two days at Qualcomm Atheros (QCA) headquarters last month in San Jose.

We were thrilled to be invited to this event as one of 12 Authorized Design Centers (ADCs) throughout the world. Highlights from the training included:

Authorized Design Center (ADC) Status and Special Training Opportunities

There have been a number of major changes since January 2011 when it was first announced that Qualcomm was going to acquire Atheros. The good news for Silex Technology (and other ADCs) is that Qualcomm recognizes that they need a strong channel of partners to address the growing demand for Wi-Fi technology. The email invitation for the first ADC training stated:training

“As Qualcomm continues to evolve the way it addresses segments and customers, this program will be instrumental in our ability to win at all tiers of customers.”

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New Wireless Infrastructure Product Category with 802.11r capable Access Point

By | June 26, 2014


We recently announced an exciting new product, the SX-AP-4800AN. It is a Dual Band 802.11n Access Point with 802.11r Enhanced Roaming, Enterprise Security, and PoE capabilities. Along with the product announcement, we also launched a new product category called “Wireless Infrastructure”. This product category includes our Ethernet to Wireless Bridge products as well as our new Wireless Access Points.

The capabilities this can bring to Silex is exciting because it allows us to support a completely wireless environment all the way from a device to the wired network infrastructure.  This Access Point not only has a rich feature set for an Access Point including the 802.11r enhanced roaming capabilities, but more importantly it can complement many of our products that allow devices to connect to wireless networks.

I think this excerpt from our press release says it best:

“Adding access points to our rich technology portfolio for embedded wireless client applications is key for our growth as a wireless company,” said Keith Sugawara, VP of Business Development. “This is another big step in pursuing our vision of Absolutely Must Connect technology, now being able to deliver a reliable wireless connection from the device all the way to the network infrastructure.”

Now with the Access Point, Silex can support the entire wireless link. This means that device manufacturers and system integrators looking for a way to be able have the flexibility of wireless capabilities, with support from one company for the complete wireless connection to the network, can come to Silex for the solution. This is relevant for our embedded wireless, device networking, and our AV networking customers looking to provide a more stable and guaranteed wireless connection for critical applications.

For more information, see the press releaseproduct page, and contact one of our wireless experts:
phone: +1 801-748-1199
email: sales@silexamerica.com

Save Power in IoT and WLAN Systems

By | June 18, 2014

Power SaveWireless technology continues to grow, and with it the power saving techniques continues to evolve and improve. As we enter the IoT market, “Power Save Mode” will be a very important feature as the applications will require the system to operate on very low power. Understanding what issues we face today equips us to better tackle these issues tomorrow.

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