Video Tutorial: How to add Wi-Fi connectivity for your i.MX 6 Platform

By | February 17, 2015

Not all wireless modules are created equal. So it becomes very important that one chooses a good evaluation kit and platform to evaluate and test the radio characteristics of the module. Silex technology’s SX-6K3-EVK-SD evaluation kit allows you to easily evaluate the Silex software and hardware solutions for our Atheros 6003 based products. Included in the kit is the latest Silex developed AR6003 Radio Driver, Security Supplicant and wireless tools along with our industry leading SX-SDCAN WLAN radio module.

Andy C. Ross, our Field Applications Engineer, demonstrates how to enable wireless connectivity to your i.MX 6 platform. This 5-minute video shows how easy it is to enable Wi-Fi on your Freescale platform using Silex’s SX-SDCAN radio module.

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Evaluate AR6003 Radio for Wi-Fi Concurrent Mode

By | February 10, 2015

Wifi_concurrentConcurrent Network Mode is the ability of a radio to support Wi-Fi connectivity on two networks at the same time. This means that the same device is capable of acting as a Wi-Fi client on one network while serving as a Wi-Fi access point on another at the same time.

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Wireless Enterprise Security

By | January 28, 2015

wireless-securityAs the use of Wi-Fi becomes widespread, it becomes critical to protect your network from security breaches. Hackers today typically seek for the weakest link in a network before coming up with their plan of attack. This is especially true when it comes to WiFi security.

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Turn any Ethernet Device into a Secure Wi-Fi Device

By | January 13, 2015

Silex is seeing a lot of business application uses for the SX-BR-4600WAN, our Ethernet to Wi-Fi Bridge product. It connects to the Ethernet port of any device, and allows it to connected to secure, dual band, enterprise class networks.

We made a slidecast which overviews the Ethernet to Wireless Bridge featuring 802.1x security:

Key capabilities include:

  • Dual Band 802.11a/b/g/n Support
  • Enterprise 802.1x Security
  • High Performance 2 x 2 Radio
  • Easy to Set Up
  • MAC Address Transparency
  • Almost no filtering, very efficient

Silex offers a robust lineup of Device Connectivity solutions. Product information is available at:

Anyone interested in purchasing or evaluating can contact us by phone at +1 801-748-1199, or email:

Introducing the X-5HM Digital Signage Player

By | December 19, 2014

Earlier this week, Silex launched the X-5HM, a Digital Signage player with robust wireless capability and multiple content zones.

X-5HMTraditional Digital Signage players are often in the form of an embedded PC with a bloated operating system. They include high power requirements, have moving parts, and require complex cabling to transfer the contents. Then you have to purchase digital signage management software for splitting contents into sections on screen, scheduling the playback contents, encoding the software, and transferring it to the media player(s). They can include costly startup and maintenance fees, and the solution comes from multiple vendors.

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